Bad Ch'i

I decided that I wanted to Feng Shui my apartment. So I got a book, "How To Feng Shui Your Apartment" But what I soon realized was that unless your home was designed and built with Feng Shui in mind, you're pretty much out of luck. For example, it is recommended that you sleep in the area of your home that, according to the Aspirations of the Pa-kua chart, will allow for the most efficient flow of positive energy which will then lead to great things such as wealth, health, power and fame. For me this would require that I sleep in the bathtub. I suppose that would be fine although it might pose an inconvenience for roommates and/or house guests. When you see an empty room for the fist time the arrangement of furniture is more or less preordained. At the present time my bed resides in the area of the room that is most logical. When I consult my Pa-kua chart I discover that I'm sleeping in the area of the room labeled "Death" which is under the category of "Negative Location" (which I think goes without saying). So I've determined that Feng Shui and logic are at odds, at least in my particular case. So unless I don't mind sleeping on my oven range (which would ensure me longevity and a successful marriage), Feng Shui is not for me or my apartment.